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March 17, 2010
Irene Saiger



This is a Saiger family recipe for a Passover confection called Imberlach.  The recipe was handed down to my mother-in-law from her mother-in-law, Manya Saiger, my children’s great-grandmother.  My mother-in-law once described Imberlach for a Passover cookbook “watch your cavities or fillings, the imberlach are jawbreakers, but oh so good.”

1 1/2 lbs. honey
1/2 cup sugar
2/3 lb. matzoh farfel
1 Tbs. fresh ginger, grated
1 cup chopped walnuts

Bring honey and sugar to a boil, lower heat and cook for five minutes, stirring constantly.  Add farfel slowly and cook an additional five minutes.  Make sure there is still a little liquid in the bottom of the pot.  Add ginger and walnuts and stir for ten minutes until mixture is brown.  Wet a wooden board with cold water and pour mixture on, carefully spreading with a wet knife. Allow to set for several hours and cut to form diamond shapes. Candy is sticky.


2 thoughts on “Imberlach

  1. Just found your blog and this recipe! The name jumped out at me because my mom made it too! I have made many other recipes but never this one. I may need to attempt it this year. Your blog is great!

    • Hi Cathy,

      Thanks for emailing! Are you from Toronto? That’s where my in-laws lived so I assume it may be a Canadian Jewish recipe?

      I would love to hear how it turns out! My mother-in-law always said you can’t make it on a rainy day because they are too sticky!!

      Happy New Year!


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