Sharing Food and Memories with Friends and Family

March 25, 2010
Irene Saiger

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I  am inspired.  I just returned home after seeing a documentary called Food Fight by Chris Taylor, one of a series of monthly documentaries brought to Los Angeles by “Something to Talk About.”   The message was simple; eat well, eat local and prepare delicious healthy meals that you are proud to share with friends and family.

My plan is to go to the Hollywood Farmer’s Market on Sunday morning and find further inspiration.  I may find the perfect green zebra heirloom tomatoes to serve with my favorite vinaigrette, or purple fingerling potatoes to roast alongside the garlic chicken.   And I can never resist the small bunches of multicolored radishes that will be beautiful on the seder plate. I will taste and smell and touch and savor the experience.

I look to you for inspiration as well.  It is time to share.  If you have a favorite family tradition or story or Passover recipe, please send them in and hopefully we can all inspire each other.



One thought on “Inspiration

  1. Ooooooo! You just inspired me to go have a shopping experience at the Farmer’s Market for one of our contributions to the Seders we’ve been invited to this year: fresh veggies (with the tops left on for some beautiful “spring-green” color!) carrots, celery, parsley, etc for everyone’s mouths, eyes, noses, and ears (crunch!) to enjoy! Thanks, Irene! In Joy and Love, Wanda

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