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August 8, 2010
Irene Saiger


Baking Day

I was anticipating a lazy Sunday morning but when I woke up and made my way into the kitchen I found Norm busy baking. Other than an excercise class that I took, we have spent half the day in the kitchen. I couldn’t resist sharing some photos of the fruits of our labor. Hope you enjoy them!


Letting the baguettes rise


Boule bread baking in pot

Great job Norm!

Crusty Rolls

New batch of blueberry buns

Blueberry Turnover

23 thoughts on “Baking Day

  1. Looks as if I’m not the only one jumping up and down over the blueberry buns! My mom used to make a Polish version for my father … the recipe has been long lost. I’m going to make your version this weekend! Thanks for posting!

    • I would love to know how they come out. My parents are Polish as well. Was your Mom’s recipe different?


      • Wish I could tell you the exact recipe, but she never wrote them down … all I can recall is that it was a yeast sweet dough almost, but not covering the blueberry filling. I used to call them “blueberry footballs” bc that’s what they looked like.
        I’ll make a batch of a version I found on the internet, and if they come out well I’ll post ’em.

  2. WOW — I’m so impressed you made all that bread!

  3. New to your blog, and everything looks delicious! I’m wondering if there was an occasion for all this baking? (in other words, who got to gobble up all those delicious baked goods???)

  4. OMgoodness, my mouth is watering! Those baguettes look incredible! I am so impressed and wish I could bake something more interesting than a cake. I found your blog through my Twitter feed and love the name of it – so cute!

  5. I remember my bubbie’s blueberry buns too, Mom! I had forgotten all about them till I saw them here….

    • Lori,

      The blueberry buns are in a older post. Look under recipes. You could easily make them and your Mom would be thrilled!

      The bread recipes are in a baking book that we have and you can borrow it or I will try and post a link to it.

      Thanks Lori!!!

  6. OMG do these look delicious! Where are the recipes?

  7. looks so good and fresh i cant wait to be back and eat some of this,love from israel

  8. All I have to say is my mouth is watering!!!

  9. 1. what exercise class did you take?
    2. looks AHHHMAZING. can you send some over for me and abby?

  10. What an adorable picture — the two of you baking together! I can see it as the cover of your upcoming cookbook…

  11. Oh the memories of blueberry buns – in my minds eye – (nose) I can smell and taste them. I am going to have to try making them myself

    • They bring back memories for me as well. My mom would take them to Orchard Beach and we would have them as a snack in the afternoon. I am posting more photos of the buns but under the bun recipe.
      Thanks for writing!!!!

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