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December 24, 2010
Irene Saiger


Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breasts

New Year is approaching and during the course of the week we will greet both friends and strangers with wishes for a Happy New Year.  It is the time of year when we are filled with goodwill, and we extend the hope that a better year lies ahead for all of us.  It is the time of year when everyone is planning celebrations, large and small, simple or lavish, an opportunity to spend an evening with people you care about.

Some of my best memories of New Year’s Eve are of simple dinner parties, like those that my parents hosted when I was growing up in The Bronx.  The silver chafing dishes were polished and shined, the dining room table was beautifully set, and my mother would prepare some of my favorite dishes.  Tender sweetbreads in a mushroom sauce, miniature matzoh balls in mushroom gravy, and farfel with caramalized onions and mushrooms. (it was not till I began writing this post that I realized how many of the dishes included mushrooms)  One wonderful New Year’s Eve was spent in Philadelphia with my cousin Micheline and her family.  Even though there were just a few of us, Micheline wore a full length gown and a tiara on her head. We sat on the carpet in the living room around the coffee table, and dined on cheese, baguettes and champagne.  No matter where I was, we always watched the ball fall in Times Square and listened to Guy Lombardo’s rendition of  Auld Lang Syne, .  That melody speaks volumes.

To all of you, and to my family (old and new) and my friends, I wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Mushroom Stuffed Chicken

There is no recipe for this, but it is simple to make. No exact measurements are required.

Pounded chicken breasts

Shiitake mushrooms


Italian Parsley

3-4 Tbs Olive Oil


Bread Crumbs

salt and pepper to taste.

Slice Shiitake mushrooms and sauté in olive oil along with minced garlic and chopped parsley. Add salt and pepper to taste and cook till mushrooms are tender. Remove from heat.  Fill each flattened chicken breast with some of the mixture and roll up. Dip in beaten egg and then seasoned bread crumbs.  Return to hot frying pan to which you have added some extra olive oil. Fry till golden on both sides.  Place frying pan in a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes till chicken is cooked through. Slice on the diagonal and serve.



6 thoughts on “Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breasts

  1. I have been looking for a recipe like this — looks fab!

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  3. Hi, Irene.

    The past is so full of wonderful memories. We were young and our parents were well and our futures were full of hope and possibilities. Sometimes we have to rekindle those hopes and feelings of being capable of accomplishing great things. Not always easy to do. But with a New Year around the corner it always feels like we have a fresh start once more.

    About mushrooms. Mommy loved mushrooms. I think Daddy did too. I know you and I love them. They would tell us stories of how they went mushroom picking in the woods. Do you remember? I think she would have put mushrooms in every dish she made if she could have. She made a mushroom soup, a mushroom sauce for calves liver, mushroom stuffing, and mushrooms with ferfalech (not feralech with mushrooms). Your chicken looks delicious and hopefully you will make sometime when we visit.

    Love you,

  4. And happy new year to you and yours as well……………..
    from you new family to be in 2011 !!!

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